Friday, October 3, 2008

The Worst Poem About the Worst Poetry

As I read the words of long dead poets
and try to suffuse their meanings
I conclude:
    poetry is the anti-communication!

It is a jumble of words
that when initially read,
means nothing,
then when read again,
means one thing,
and then, upon rereading again,
means something else entirely!

Poetry is undisciplined thought!
Wandering and aimless,
incomplete sentences, with
sort of
Poetry is nothing special.
It's just bad prose.

Poetry is the verbal vomit of the mind.
A stream of words that spatter upon impact.
Is it a wash of warmth over me?
Or a foul physically embodied belch
from the innards of a pretentious writer's mind?
If I examine the resulting mess, I can tell what It might have been
and I certainly don't want to consume it.

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